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A well laid out garden in Sydney which is landscaped to perfection will enhance the beauty and value of your house. The outdoors play an important role in improving the property’s aesthetics and value. They are soothing to the eye, calming by nature, and offer a place of Zen for the start, middle, and end of the day.

For homeowners and property managers, it is essential to obtain the best landscaping design for an inviting environment outdoors. If you are looking for professionals in upmarket landscaping services in Sydney to upgrade the outdoor area, choose Artscape Landscapes. We are a reputed and reliable name in landscaping, dedicated to completely transforming your property including the deck, patio, and driveway.

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About Artscape Landscapes

Artscape Landscapes provide upmarket landscaping services in Sydney. We can help you with all your landscaping needs, whether you are looking to install retaining walls, pool surrounds, outdoor tiling, patios, or ponds.

Additionally, our experienced team provides all the essential services that go beyond traditional landscaping, to give a unique look to your residential spaces.

Our Services

Like many other big names in the field of upmarket landscaping and decking services providers in Sydney, we have evolved over the years into a trusted name. We are well recognised in the landscaping and decking industry. We started with simple beginnings, initially focussing on a few select landscaping services before expanding to offer our expertise, experience, and knowledge to create dazzling new features for your outdoors. We are 100% dedicated to providing complete customer satisfaction and patiently work to understand everything the client requires before we design, plan, and begin the project.

It is this dedicated approach that has helped Artscape Landscapes deliver outstanding landscapes to our many clients, complete with a harmonious theme and look.

We offer a wide range of services at Artscape Landscapes including:

  • Landscape design & construction
  • Irrigation, outdoor tiling & concreting
  • Stonemasonry, bricklaying & rendering
  • Carpentry
Garden landscaping Designs

Upmarket Landscaping Services

Landscaping services for upmarket and affluent properties in Sydney span a range of requirements. Although there are many styles and designs of landscapes, our team has a deep understanding of all of them giving our clients the best choices. We have worked across an array of different lawns and landscapes, for numerous residential gardens. From working on the ground and creating unique bespoke designs, we have established ourselves as a reputable landscaper for upmarket landscaping services.

With almost four decades of experience, you can count on our excellent services to look after, adjust, or recreate the lawn on your upmarket property, with breath-taking results. 

Upmarket Decking Services

There is almost nothing more beautiful in the backyard of your property than the good old Australian deck. Our upmarket decking services has grown to offer a range of distinctive styles in decking, across many different native and European species in hardwood and softwood timber. We understand the difference that a high-quality deck can make to your outdoors. It gives everyone a lovely area to unwind as well as raising the value of the property. Upmarket decking adds to the natural beauty of the outdoors with its warm and natural touch. Our tradesmen understand this well and will deliver a durable welcome canvas for your afternoon and evening relaxation with our upmarket decking services.

Outdoor Decking Service

Our Tried & Tested Process

Since the first year in 1987, when we obtained our structural landscaping licence, we have been very particular regarding what we offer. Apart from various kinds of upmarket landscaping services and decking, we ensure that the people who visit our centre receive a complete solution to their requirements.

Once we know the client’s requirements, we offer a rough concept plan showing how things are going to look. Once the client approves the design, we work on the detailed concept where each professional at Artscape Landscapes has an important input. This includes the work methodology we adopt and materials to be used for the landscaping and/or decking jobs.

We offer customised services and employ the latest tools and equipment for our projects. For example, we have amazing technology that will help you visualise your backyard and see how it will look after completion before any of the actual work begins.

  • Consultancy Services for Your Decking & Landscaping

In addition to the planning and designing of your outdoors, our expert consultants will offer you advice on how best to exploit your space to its maximum potential. Before initiating the decking and landscaping services in Sydney, our experts will provide you with creative ideas for different landscaping options. Our professionals would also offer you the price quotation helping you to select the one that best suits your budget and requirements.

The following are some of the things we do for upmarket landscaping and decking:

  • Preparing the plans and sketches based on the area.
  • Assimilation of ideas and inputs for ensuring a custom-made deck and landscape.
  • Encouraging clients to ask us any questions regarding the project

We have been in the industry for over three decades and have left no stone unturned when it comes to providing top-notch upmarket landscaping services and upmarket decking services in Sydney. We have always followed a streamlined process for project completion. Our concept plan is the roadmap of how your outdoors would look after completion. It will contain all the detailing of the decking and landscaping layout, after the renovation or restructuring.

Why Choose Us?

We are on the top of the list for landscaping and decking services in Sydney. The main reasons being:

  • Budgeted upmarket landscaping services and upmarket decking services.
  • Customised solution for landscaping
  • Outdoor tiling services
  • Water-wise solutions including design and installation for lawns.
  • Experienced team of consultants and designers for landscaping and decking
  • Successful, on-time delivery of projects irrespective of the complexity of the project

Our love for landscaping: Construction and decking comes from a love to create beautiful outdoor spaces for residential properties. Get in touch with us to know more about our landscaping and decking services.  


Get in touch with our experts on 0437 809 169. They will provide you with the best ideas and designs for your landscaping and upmarket decking needs. Our experts can sketch out a few options or help you with your custom-made design ideas for your landscaping project. Additionally, on visiting the site our experts will provide you with a free quote and price estimate for your personalised outdoor design.

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Artscape Landscapes works everywhere in Sydney, building beautiful lawns and architectural landscapes. We build and maintain your residential spaces– always fresh and great looking!

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