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Add a sense of grandeur to your gardens or landscapes with a carefully planned and executed formal outdoor design. A formal outdoor lawn pairs the beauty of shape and symmetry with nature for palatial lawns with breath-taking designs.

Whether you have a small, medium, or large outdoor space for your residential premise, a formal outdoor design can provide the perfect solution. Formal designs take a lot of work, meticulous planning, crafting and workmanship. But once it is all finished, a formal lawn is surprisingly low maintenance. It only requires a little pruning now and then to keep everything in excellent shape.

Therefore, formal lawn design services are the answer for those who enjoy beautiful green spaces to relax in, without all the work. We’ll take care of the whole process from design, planning and landscaping. We will give you a comprehensive solution for captivatingly neat lawns for your outdoors.

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About Artscape Landscapes

Artscape Landscapes is a reputed and reliable name in Australia when it comes to formal lawn design services. With close to four decades in designing and landscaping formal lawns for residential areas, you can bank on us for your project. Our hard-earned efforts will offer you an outdoor space that is relaxing and easy on the eye. We’re sure it won’t be enjoyed by just you and your guests, but by the native bird life in your area, providing you with more reasons to spend time in your new-look garden.

So, if you are looking for quality professionals for outdoor designs, decking, and other landscaping services, get in touch! We are always able to offer you the best services across Australia to recreate or look after your outdoors.

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Our Formal Outdoor Design Approach

We have consistently been upgrading our designs and equipment to bring the best landscaping services to you. We have a thoroughly detailed process when it comes to our formal garden design services that include:

  • Consultation and site survey 
  • Concept drawing of the lawn
  • Scaled lawn design 
  • Landscaping 

Our four-step approach has been immensely helpful in delivering stunning lawn designs and landscapes to many residences in Australia.

Formal Outdoor Designs

As you leaf through a lawn design book, you can perceive for yourself what a formal lawn design should look like. Formal lawns are created with the idea of bringing order and balance to nature. These are lawns that are well shaped and controlled. It’s a style that is famous in Italy and France, as well as in Mughal gardens in India. Reshaping your backyard into a blissful garden of Eden is the work we love: whether it is adding or changing the shape of retaining walls, outdoor tiling, installing fountains, creating new paths, or adding beautiful stone fixtures or fixing problems with slopes and drainage.

We at Artscape Landscapes believe that lawn design should be treated as an artform. You can let us know more about the different aspects you would like to capture for your lawn. As well as what plants or favourite shrubs and green-leafy trees you desire for your completed formal lawn. We will make sure that your formal lawn design enjoys shading, symmetry, focal points and pruning for that lasting palatial elegance. 

We have taken inspiration from numerous sources, across different methods and cultures in formal lawn designs, including from French, Italian, Spanish to Indian and Persian to American classical, colonial or federation styles. So, whatever formal design suits your fancy, our experts at Artscape Landscapes are well up to the task!

Our Approach to Beautiful, Charming Formal Lawns

Rome was not built in a day. Which is another way to say that every beautiful thing takes time to build or grow. So if you are looking for a stunning formal garden, it is crucial that we follow a streamlined and proven process.

At Artscape Landscapes, we are known for doing the impossible. Our team of experienced lawn design and landscaping consultants first make a rough plan of the lawn after discussions with the homeowner. We then assess the land to ensure that it is level as this is a must for a formal garden. When this is finished, our team finalises the design of the formal garden based on great harmony and symmetry. 

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We make sure there is enough space to easily walk through the lawn which is why we also ensure that roads and pathways are created accordingly. Roads and pathways are usually cut at right angles in formal lawn designs for crisp, clean, and defined edges. However, round or circle pathways are also often a feature in the centre of a formal lawn or focal point, such as around a fountain, sundial, or birdbath.

A Customised Formal Lawn Solution

We are one of the most reputed formal lawn design services providers in Australia, offering customised lawn services. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to using our YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, CREATIVITY, PROFESSIONALISM, and EYE FOR DETAILING to offer a wide range of lawn design services that are tailored to your needs. From consultation to designing and implementation, we make sure a beautiful outdoor space is created for everyone to enjoy.

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Another important feature of formal lawns is the water system. These lawns have well-defined water-flowing canals, fountains, ponds, and other water features. We work on designing a water-saving garden for you by using the key features at your property and well-designed systems. Water is a precious resource that needs to be saved using sustainable landscaping practices. Artscape Landscapes can lay irrigation for easy watering for your plants. We can also lay plants and strong native species that need less water.

If you are keen to encourage birdlife into your estate, we can assemble a bird-accommodating hideout with the sort of trees and flowers they love. Depending on the type of birds you want, we can help you craft secure and hidden areas to watch and listen to their chirping and singing.

Our experts will help improve your landscape, that will make your neighbours envious. We can guide you in starting the process and sketch out a few design ideas that will best capture your ideal lawn and landscape. Our experts will provide a price estimate for your personalised lawn design and provide you with the best quote. Feel free to contact Artscape Landscapes on 0437 809 169 for more details.


Are you trying to encourage birdlife into your garden & we can build a bird-friendly hideaway, with the type of trees and flowers that they love. Depending on the type of birds you want, we can design protected, hidden areas & imagine the joy when you find some young birds in your garden.

Saving Water through sustainable landscaping is essential. Artscape Landscapes can lay irrigation for easy watering, and lay water-tough plants and hardy natives that need lower maintenance.

Would you like Water Friendly Garden and Retaining Walls Ideas? Are you wanting to improve your landscape, but not sure what to do? We can help you make a start & sketch out a few options, provide a price estimate, then create a personalised garden design, with a quote.


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