Consultancy and Management


Landscape Design

Every great project starts with a good design.

Good design saves time and money. With a good landscape design, contractors are able to quote on an “apple versus apple” concept, where all quotations shall be based on the same design and specifications. With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Rick Field knows what works and what won’t &€“ his experience in structural and aesthetic aspects of landscaping will help you create a garden that will give you pleasure, every day. Prices can be based on an hourly rate or contract price.

Landscape Consultation

Sometimes just pure knowledge is all you need.

Twenty years &€™ experience in all forms of structural and soft landscaping has given Rick Field the massive knowledge required in professional landscape consultation. As the designer of several acclaimed gardens, and owner of a horticultural business and landscaping business, Rick is incredibly knowledgeable.

He has a long list of industry contacts (from engineers to contractors) and on-the-job practical experience in every aspect of gardening, landscaping and outdoor living. Prices are based on an hourly rate.

Landscape Management

From design to completion, landscape management is now an essential part of larger projects.

Landscape Management Sydney
Project Management includes consultation, design, plans drawing, coordination with engineers and government authorities, quality control of contractors, Workcover regulations, insurance advice, B.A and D.A. applications, dispute handling, material sourcing and selection and payment handling.

The result is a smoother project, with no cost over-runs, and a hassle-free experience. A fee usually based on a percentage of the total project cost is charged.

Would you landscape design and consultation Ideas? Are you wanting to improve your landscape, but not sure what to do? We can help you make a start &€“ sketch out a few options, provide a price estimate, then create a personalised garden design, with a quote.

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